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Costa Mesa DUI Attorney

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No member of our firm has ever been a prosecutor. Instead we are committed to principles of defense work and have been from day one. Our goal as your legal advocate is to evaluate your case independently and put the state to its proof. Each case, like each client, is unique.

As a small firm, we take the time to determine the needs of each individual client and we aggressively apply our legal and technical resources to meet those important client needs.

Other attorneys turn to us when they have Costa Mesa DUI questions. Our office fields dozens of calls and emails from less experienced professionals in this field trying to defend a Costa Mesa DUI case either in trial or at the DMV.

Years of practice and experience in the trenches has made Braden & Tucci sensitive to the issues which a Costa Mesa DUI charge like this can bring. You have a ton of questions and fears. We have the answers for you and are ready to help you through this difficult process. Call our office at (949) 872-2700 to set up an appointment.

A Costa Mesa DUI arrest triggers two separate legal actions against you. One is the criminal action. The other is the DMV civil action to automatically suspend your license. Often with proper and aggressive representation, it may be possible to have the charges dropped or reduced without the expense of trial.